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Our Wagyu Beef

Wagyu is a unique breed of cattle native to Japan. The beef from Wagyu is known around the world as simply the most flavoursome and tender beef that you can eat. Wagyu is fine in texture, amazingly tender and has high levels of marbling (intra muscular fat) which gives it a unique nutty taste. 

Marbling refers to the fat between the fibres and contains high levels of mono-unsaturated fats, whereas tradtional beef breeds contain mostly the less healthy saturated fats. 

We own and operate our F1 Wagyu X Holstein cattle herd, with every animal reared under the highest standard of animal husbandry and care. We pride ourselves and are extremely proud of the wagyu cattle we grow and breed, with each animal tagged at birth with a unique tag that is registered with the National Lifestock Identification Service. This provides lifetime traceability and a unique record of every animal. Which means we can guarantee our meat is Chemical, Antibiotic, GMO and Hormone free

Our wagyu cattle are free to roam their paddocks, they are not reared in pens. They are fed a custom mixed grain ration, prepared on farm, supplemented with straw for 600 days. This is to ensure we get the maximum marbling content in our meat and the greatest eating experience.

We are proud to provide you with wagyu that is of the highest quality, taste and tenderness that is guaranteed to please.  

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