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Quality Assurance

This is always our number one priority and focus.

We keep detailed records about every animal from birth to the delivery of the meat these records include

  • full animal breeding including sire and dam
  • birth date, weight and sex
  • average daily weight gain from birth to slaughter
  • average daily feed consumption, feeds consumed and source
  • full traceability of movements
  • all animal health checks and treatments

All meat is processed in licenced facilities and delivered in licenced vehicles. Temperature control and package integrity continually checked.

It is how we can guarantee that our
wagyu meat you eat is the best available and is always:
Chemical, Antibiotic, GMO and Hormone Free.



National Livestock Identification Scheme

All our calves are tagged at birth with an electronic identification tag and are registered on the Australian National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) database which provides lifetime traceability. We then record whole of life data from date of birth, breeding, animal treatments, stock movements, weights and carcass data on all our cattle.

Comprehensive records are kept about the source and type of all our feeding including when and the amount each animal is fed. Detailed paddock records are also maintained tracking the movement of every animal.


Primesafe Victoria delivery registration 1GM7PU & 
Primesafe Victoria delivery registration T12475

As a condition of our licence, records in relation to cleanliness, temperature and maintenance of the meat transport vehicle are maintained in a food safety program.

The food safety program ensures that:

  • The compartment carrying the product is clean prior to loading;

  • All Meat is loaded stored and delivered at the correct temperature; and

  • The compartment carrying the product complies with Section 25 of the Australian Standard for the Hygienic Production and Transportation of Meat and Meat Products for Human Consumption (AS 4696:2007).

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