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Our Story

Everything Wagyu is a family owned and operated farm 10km west of the small farming town of Cohuna, 80km west of Echuca in Northern Victoria.

Headed up by Steve Grove and son David, Everything Wagyu was born in 2005 after the farming family decided they wanted to move from dairy farming to wagyu beef. 

Once the decision was made, they took it upon themselves to learn everything about the industry and this unique breed of cattle. They now run their successful family owned farm, running 600+ F1 wagyus providing you with the highest quality of wagyu beef. 

The family is passionate about their wagyu cattle and do everything to ensure they are reared and looked after in a humane and caring way.

"We are extremely proud of the wagyu cattle we breed and row and guarantee our meat is chemical, antibiotic, GMO and hormone free." ~Steve

Since it's inception, the Everything Wagyu Brand has continued to grow from strength to strength, and can now be found in some of your favourite restaurants and cafes throughout Victoria. 

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